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Stunning NYE Dress for Apple-Shaped, Plus-Sized Women

*This is an advertiser sponsored post that contains affiliate links.*

Let's face it, being a plus-sized woman is often linked with a stigma that you are doomed to a less than stylish existence, especially when you are shaped like an apple.  However, with the right stylist, you can be just as stunning as a woman half your size on NYE.  Today, I am going to share awesome styling advice that will help you to be the belle of the ball tonight.  

Nordstorm has an amazing caped sheath dress that immediately caught my eye as a great look for NYE. You can purchase this dress for $180 at Nordstrom's by either clicking on the dress, or clicking the link above.  The best thing about this dress is that you can purchase it in two colors, red and black.  

This dress is perfect for women of any shape, but especially those with an apple shape.  The cape will help to give you a more feminine shape, while the cut of the dress will show off your great legs.  Lastly, the cape in the back of the dress is perfect to hide your boyish figure, especially your small tushie. For the best fit, I definitely recommend using shapewear for the night.  This will smooth out your figure, and tuck in your tummy for a better fit.  For this dress I suggest a high-waist shaper, like the one below, which you can also purchase from Nordstrom.  

I only recommend wearing a shaper on special occasions such as NYE.  Do not use shapers for everyday wear, as they can squish your organs together in an unnatural manner.  If you feel unnatural pains while wearing your shaper, I would recommend removing it immediately.  A few bumps here and there will not distract from the beauty of your outfit.  The most important factor in avoiding bumps and lumps is purchasing the correct size for both your shaper and dress.  Your dress should have a somewhat loose fit vs. a skin tight fit.  The best way to determine what dress is the right size for you is to take your measurements, and then compare those measurements to the sizing chart at  

Wearing such a great statement dress creates little need for accessories.  A cute pair of stud earrings will easily add a finishing touch to this outfit.  Just add your favorite clutch and a pair of strappy heels!  This dress is fabulous for updo's, long hair, and short hair.   

While, you may not have enough time to wait for the dress to be shipped to you before the ball drops, if you take a close look at the shopping page, you can see if the dress is available in a Nordstrom store near you.  If you can't purchase the dress in time for NYE, Valentine's Day is  coming soon!  However, I am sure you can easily find MANY reasons to wear this dress beyond New Year's Eve.  I am wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!