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Maxi Top- Hot NYE Look that Will Help Stay Stylishly Warm

*This is an advertiser sponsored post that contains affiliate links*

If you live in a northern country, or even in the United States, or Canada right now, you know we are in for a deep freeze on NYE.  Temperatures will be frigid, especially for those attending the ball drop in Times Square.  If you are looking for an outfit that will keep you reasonably warm on a chilly New Year's Eve night, but stylish and cute, you have to check out this Maxi Top from LuLu's!  This simple, yet chic look is perfect for NYE parties, standing outside to view the fireworks, or even toughing it out in Times Square. 

If you are looking for a flirty, peek-a-boo look, without wearing a dress, the maxi top, and your favorite pair of skinny jeans, is an excellent way to make a stylish statement, without risking freezing your extremities off.

Tips for Staying Warm in This Outfit:

There are a few key things you can do to hold on to body heat while wearing this outfit.  

1. Bring an over-sized clutch you can stash a pair of pantyhose and and a cami inside.

2. Wear a designer trench with extra layers that compliment your style.  For example, wear a cardigan inside your trench, and pair it with a trendy pair of gloves, a scarf, a hat, and ear muffs.

3. When it is time to go outdoors, duck into the restroom and put on your pantyhose underneath your skinny jeans.  If there is a coat check at the party you are attending, bring a pair of knee-high, or even thigh-high boots for extra comfort.  Also, put on a cami underneath your maxi top, and tuck it into your skinny jeans to ensure cold air cannot come in contact with your skin.  

4.  Once the outside festivities are over, simply slip back into the restroom and remove everything down to your original outfit.  

Now, let's talk about those FABULOUS lace-up, peep-toe, booties that every girl must have!  If you are on a budget, you will be happy to know you can score the maxi top for $35, and the booties for $32.  

Last but not least, again, as stated with our NYE looks for full-figured women, simple jewelry does the trick with statement pieces.  With the dramatic entrance you will demand between the maxi top, and the lace-up boots, you will have enough going on to keep all eyes on you during the night.   

The last thing you need for this look is a slightly over-sized clutch to keep your pantyhose and cami in.   The easy-open latch will make it easier to use your fingers when they are cold!   The time for celebration is getting closer and closer!  If you do not get your items ordered in time for the big day, I am sure you will find plenty of reasons to wear this outfit after the new year!