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Pregnancy Style: How to Re-Create Zoe Saldana’s Awesome Maternity Wardrobe

It is no secret, we have many expecting Styler Chick Magazine fans.  I was in your shoes not even two years ago with my son.  I know that shopping while pregnant can be a drag, especially when you feel like you are shopping from your grandmother’s closet.  Zoe Saldana has always been a stylish and cute darling of the red carpet, and has a great sense of street style.  She has offered nothing less with her awesome choices in maternity wear over the course of her pregnancy.  Today, I am going to share tips on how to re-create some of my favorite looks from her.

How to Dress Your Baby Bump:

1.       Epic Maternity Fall Street Style

The star of Guardians of the Galaxy, Zoe Saldana saves the day with an edgy monochrome, skull motif jersey, a simple pair of capri slacks.  She topped the look off with a comfy looking pair of fall boots with manageably low heels.  This rocker chick look is fabulous and a great way to add a bit of personality to your everyday look.  If you are looking for a more affordable route, borrowing a couple of jerseys from your not much taller, husband or boyfriend is in order to give you ample belly coverage without actually looking like you are wearing someone else’s clothing.

2.       The Lovely Shirt Dress

The deconstruction of men’s clothing into women’s clothing is an awesome trend.  It is even better when you take a men’s shirt that has been designed for a woman out for a spin on the town. 

3.       The Go-To Wrap Dress

What is a maternity closet without a lovely wrap dress hanging in it?  This maternity wear staple has been helping expectant moms to look snazzy for years now.  Instead of going with a boring solid color, a fresh animal print, or even stripes is a great way to liven up the look.

4.       The Flowing Print Maxi Dress

Another maternity wear staple is the flowing print maxi dress.  What more can be said about what the flowing goodness of this dress does for your cute baby bump.  A cascade of wispy fabric is all that need to make the perfect fashion statement.

5.       Bright and Colorful with Racer Stripes

I love this bright and colorful look from Zoe, it is absolutely fabulous.  This is perfect fall maternity fashion, and did you hear that panty hose are back?  You can depart from the norm and get bedazzled hose like Beyoncé to add your own personality to your hose.

No matter what your preference is, Zoe Saldana has the perfect fall maternity fashion idea that you will love.  There is nothing more refreshing than pulling off looking great all nine months of your pregnancy.   What is your favorite pregnancy fashion staple?  Show us with a photo comment at the Styler Chick Magazine Facebook page. For more great style ideas, stay tuned to Styler Chick Magazine.