This July, we do not have a cover, we have a QUESTION!


Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty's really no picnic either, it's easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl's self-confidence.


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Styler Chick TV July 2014 Features


Styler Chick Magazine founder and lead blogger, Kia McClain, is a social media commentator for Fox 11 Los Angeles News, Good Day LA with anchor Maria Quiban on Mondays and Fridays.  On Monday, June 16, 2014, Maria discovered Kia's real age, 35, with shock, and demanded to know Kia's skincare regimen.  Maria was not the only one who wanted to know the deal, Kia was inundated with messages from women after the show, wondering the same. Today, Kia shared her tips and secrets for healthy, and great looking skin.  Find out her regimen, and what products she uses.  Read More:

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Chic and Stylish Fit & Flare Dresses for the Summer


What are the trademarks of a stylish outfit?  Often, it is the perfect simplicity of the look, paired with dazzling accessories.  The classic white dress is a winner when it comes to endless fantastic options. The Michelle Dress from Georgie & Elaine nails the hallmarks of unique, white dress, potential.  Read More:

How to Wear the ModCloth Fit & Flare Dress Collection

If you have not seen the gorgeous, fit & flare collection at ModCloth, you are missing out. If you are looking to slim your figure, and show off your legs, this is the perfect style for you. What I love the most about the Fit & Flare collection is the endless variety of dresses to choose from, and the awesome prints.  As you know, once again prints are in for the summer.  Whether you want polka dots, stripes, or mural prints ModCloth has a great selection for style and colors. Read More:

3 Ways that Social Shopping Sites Benefit Busy Career Women

Do you love fashion and beauty, but hate shopping?  You are not alone; after all, what career woman wants to spend all day working, only to face crowds at the mall in order to purchase her favorite brands.  Social shopping is a wonderful solution that solves three main problems career women who hate shopping have.  Read More:

Modest and Stylish Swimwear for Women of All Sizes Presented by ModCloth

The time of year that you both love and dread is here again, swimsuit season.  As a woman, the need to look great at all times is embedded in your DNA, however, in your opinion, wearing a string bikini does not exhume confidence, or style.  You love phrases such as, “Just because you can wear it does not mean you should”. Read More:

Killer Casual with Summer Nautical Style from Julep

Great summer style for the first day of summer that you will love.  Get a special offer from Julep and awesome summer style advice. Read More:

Five Flattering Pieces that Look Fantastic on Every Woman

Credit: Dino Mangano Photography

Credit: Dino Mangano Photography

As a stylist, one of the most common questions clients ask me is how to dress in clothing that is flattering for their figure.  As women, we are always on the hunt for styles that make us look good, no matter what size, or shape we are. Read More: 

NaBloPoMo June 2014

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Mikoh- Santorini One Piece in Bone

Gingerlily Leaves Silk, Purple, Duvet Cover

Mommy Makeover with Mommy Makeup

Get makeup tips from our advertising partner and Mommy Makeup, founder, and former celebrity makeup artist, Debra Rubin-Roberts, and a special discount below!

Mommy Makeup - The Best Beauty for Busy Women - $5 signup bonus

Julep Beauty Inc.

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Career Chic with Donna Karan

Just because you are stuck in an office all day does not mean that your sense of fashion and style is stuck at home.  Donna Karan has several fabulous outfits that are professional and work-ready.  After all, the phrase does go "Dress for Success" right?  Get the look by clicking the photos.  Do you want career fashion advice? Read more:






Dune London Fabulous Accessories to Finish Off Your Look

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Our head blogger, Kia McClain, had a one-on-one with Alison Victoria, Host & Designer of Kitchen Crashers on HGTV, and DIY Network via JCPenney's Designer Days on FB. Click this link, to submit your decoration question for Alison, and get your personalized video answer until 8pm CST on July 9th! Stay tuned for more designer day videos from Kia in the coming weeks!

**In compliance with the FTC, I am obligated to note this is a paid advertisement from JCPenney and I was compensated to share this post**

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Darah's Decadent Desserts

Bread Pudding Thumbnail.jpg

Tune in for healthy tips on how to make delicious goodies that you can feel good about eating, without extra calories, and ingredients that are not good for your body.  Darah is a cooking stylenista who always has a great vintage look to share, along with a healthy, but tasty recipe.  Just because you indulge in dessert every now and again, does not mean you have to look like it, or feel like it.  Get your pen and your pad ready, today you get a sneak peek at Darah's first recipe for April, bread pudding.  Tune into Styler Chick TV each week for a new show from Darah, and check back each month for a new sweet tip that you will love! Read More: