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Welcome Home Stylenista!

Style For You, Not Everyone!



Welcome Home Stylenista!

Style For You, Not Everyone!


DISCLOSURE: Styler Chick Magazine is an online Native Advertising Platform, and digital print magazine containing authentic and entertaining articles from bloggers and writing staff from around the world. Many of the articles enclosed are paid placements/promotions from a variety of brands. All opinions are our own, and those of our bloggers who write the articles; we only promote brands and products that we truly are interested in, or have used personally in our articles. Several brands have sent our bloggers free products in exchange for their review, or ad placement within authentic articles that are not written based on their products. These articles will be identified by the “presented by or sponsored by” title within the article, and through out the articles. The companies who have provided us and our bloggers with free products, and/or payments will be introduced as advertising partners as well.
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Styler Chick TV April 2014 Features

April 2014 Edition

Tune in every month for another exciting episode of Styler Chick TV featuring up and coming talent as well as well-known acts and celebrities.  Styler Chick TV April 2014- Featuring Allison Piccioni, Model Sunny Couture Tookes, and Darah's Decadent Desserts.

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Darah's Decadent Desserts

Tune in this week for Darah's new show teaching us how to make bread pudding, also read this month's blogs giving tips and tricks on how to make healthy dessert choices with alternative ingredients.  Read More:

Allison Piccioni and School of Rock

Allison Piccioni, where should we start?  This fireball is lighting up LA with her fun loving personality and intense love for music and art.  Not only does she lend her enthusiasm for music to "The School of Rock" Fairfax and South Bay, but she also adds a kick of flavor to band Crowd Theory.  Read More:


Style and Beauty

We blend the best trends in fashion and style.


Style and Beauty

We blend the best trends in fashion and style.

Surviving Spr-inter in Style and Warmth, Presented by Dorothy Perkins and JollyChic

Today, you have shorts on and the air conditioning on in your home, by tomorrow you are freezing with the heat on, while scrambling to get the boots back out that you "put away", thinking winter was finally over. Our stylists have created a "Spr-inter survival guide that will keep you warm and stylish during this weather transition. Read More:

When Spring is Not as Warm as You Hoped, Sunny Comes to the Rescue!

Model Sunny Couture fights back against Spr-inter with DKNY inspired 90's retro style, in an exclusive fashion that is right on trend for the season.  Once the high top fade was reborn, the rest of the 90's was not far behind.  Get inspired with warm fashion that will give you a spring vibe, while keeping you warm and stylish.  Read More: 

Spring Inspiration: 1950's Retro Style, Updated and Fresh, Presented by Macys

Our model Teri, does a photo shoot showing off her 1950's retro style.  Be inspired to update your wardrobe with the same 1950's flair with high-waisted pants and zip-up corsets.  Read More:

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Pink, Plaid, and Print Fab: Spr-inter Style from Annabelle Fleur

Day two of thirty days of style from blogger Annabelle Fleur comes right on time as much of the U.S. is facing yet another blast of cold air, snow storms, and just the opposite of Spring-like weather.  Check out the fabulous look she has for us today.  Read More:

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How to Look Fabulous When You Do Not Have Curves


Miley Cyrus made several horrible wardrobe choices last year that did not flatter her figure, and made many women who have boyish figures cringe at the public perception of their bodies.  No need to fear, Styler Chick Magazine is here with awesome outfits that will make you look stunning without curves.  Do not run out to get a butt implant just yet, you can look absolutely amazing just the way you are.  Read More:

Spring Break Style from our Advertising Partners

You Shall Hereby Wear Pink And Be Fabulous- Presented By Julep

Pink has always been known as an ultra-girly color that many women shun as they get older. However, you can look great in pink, without being reminiscent of an infant, or a little girl.  Today, Styler Chick Magazine is here to save pink's reputation among women. Read More:

All Dressed Up to Attend a Spring Wedding

It is that time of year again; the wedding invites came pouring in this fall and winter.  Now that the wedding season is upon us, you need something great to wear.   It is always said that you should never look better than the bride, but that is no reason not to have a wonderful and chic dress, especially if you are single.  You never know who you might meet. Read More:

Smart and Simple Street Style for the Fashionista on the Go

You only have a half hour to get dressed and go.  Even if it is just a casual occasion, you want to look and feel your best whether you are going out to meet your friends for coffee, or simply going to meet your boyfriend for a movie.  You can be casual and cute with a few staple items in your closet that will look great with any casual outfit.  Read More:

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Spring Flash Sale Presented by Jane

Just in time for spring, these great chevron maxi skirts are on sale for $24.99.  You have eight hours to buy, if they are not sold out by then!  Visit our advertising partner Jane by clicking the link below in order to purchase these awesome skirts, and much more!

Shoes of the Day

$19.31 Click to Buy

Color of the Day

Hot Tropical Pink from Julep

Outfit of the Day

Beach Inspired Style

Career Chic Pick of the Day

Jumpsuit Fantastic

High Fashion Pick of the Day

Stella McCartney- Black Lace Layered Dress

Most Unique of the Day

Dion Lee- Water Print Silk Contour Dress

Bathing Suit of the Day

Mikoh- Santorini One Piece in Bone

Home Design of the Day

Gingerlily Leaves Silk Duvet Cover

Mommy Makeover with Mommy Makeup

Get makeup tips from our advertising partner and Mommy Makeup, founder, and former celebrity makeup artist, Debra Rubin-Roberts, and a special discount below!

Mommy Makeup - The Best Beauty for Busy Women - $5 signup bonus
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High Fashion and Runway




High Fashion and Runway



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Christopher Kane Color Blocking and Stripe Cut-Outs Presented by SSENSE

Get your Spring high fashion fix with Christopher Kane!  Read More: 

April's Featured Stylenista: Annabelle Fleur

Annabelle Fleur is a L.A. Based Stylenista with Impeccable Style

Photo Credit: Annabelle Fleur

Photo Credit: Annabelle Fleur

Annabelle is sporting a classic duo- a flair, stripe print skirt, and leather jacket flaunting the new Spring trend of black and white.  This look is simple and chic for an evening out with friends, or even a hot date. Find out how you can get this great look! Read More:

Experience thirty days of must-have fashion from fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, our April Stylenista!  Each month we will feature a new Stylenista.  Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Annabelle Fleur

Photo Credit: Annabelle Fleur


Love and Lifestyle


Love and Lifestyle

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Exclusive Interview with a Real Life Cosby Kid, Braxton Cosby

Photo Credit: Braxton Cosby

Photo Credit: Braxton Cosby

If you are anything like me, the best news of 2014 arrived about a month ago when it was announced that Bill Cosby was returning to television.  

Little did we know, Bill Cosby is not the only one coming to television, the entire Cosby family is on track to leave their mark in entertainment this year. Bill's nephew, Braxton is building his hopes and dreams with the help of his uncle and dedicated fans.

You may scratch your head and say Braxton?  I have never heard of him.  Braxton is the newest member of the Cosby family to arrive to the spotlight with his book he is hoping to turn into a movie, Protostar.  Additionally, Braxton is slotted to appear on TV and more. Read More:

Snowed In? Re-Decorate Your Bedroom!

Presented by Amara

DIY-nista Spotlight is on Ana White!

Find out how you can give your children's room an awesome makeover with a loft bed that can re-designed, over and over again.  DIY-nista Ana White has the plans that will inspire you to DIY greatness.  Read More:

A Tub Worthy of Bathing Beauties


SICIS has done it again, with beautiful stiletto tubs that will make every fashionista love bath time.  SICIS is the number one authority in tile decor and is sure to have the perfect shoe for your bathroom.  We will also take a sneak peek at the SICIS New York showroom.  Prince Charming is not the only one that can make a girl fall head over heels going after "one shoe".  Read More:

Masters of Art, Fashion, and Style


This dance company has taken the art of dance to new levels with flawless performances that are both visually stunning and spectacular.  If you are in love with the arts and dance theater, this is one article that you cannot miss. Read More:


Creative Dog House Ideas That Keeps Your Dog in Your House


Think you read that title wrong?  We are happy to inform you that you have not.  So many pet owners find themselves at odds about putting their beloved dog outside, especially in winter weather.  However, at the same time, if their dog does not have a personal space to call home, home becomes one of the bedrooms, the bathroom, or another space the is not convenient.  Reading this article will inspire you to knock out a few walls and build your pet the perfect space that is out of the way, and gives him, or her much needed privacy when an uninterrupted nap is needed.  Read More:



Food and Travel


Food and Travel

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Darah's Decadent Desserts Show and Blog Premieres April 1!

Bread Pudding Thumbnail.jpg

Tune in for healthy tips on how to make delicious goodies that you can feel good about eating, without extra calories, and ingredients that are not good for your body.  Darah is a cooking stylenista who always has a great vintage look to share, along with a healthy, but tasty recipe.  Just because you indulge in dessert every now and again, does not mean you have to look like it, or feel like it.  Get your pen and your pad ready, today you get a sneak peek at Darah's first recipe for April, bread pudding.  Tune into Styler Chick TV each week for a new show from Darah, and check back each month for a new sweet tip that you will love! Read More:

A Cupcake to Aspire to: Awesome Wedding Cake Ideas

Everyone dreams of "the unique and unforgettable" wedding experience 

There is no better day to make a scene and cause the masses to chatter and whisper than your wedding day.  We have collected awesome wedding and engagement cake ideas that everyone will love.  Whether you gift your guests with a mini wedding cake, or a visual work of art, you can create a buzz that will last for years to come!  Read More:

The Caketress


Toronto area business woman, Lori Hutchinson- also known as "The Caketress"- has a bakery that is growing in leaps and bounds due to her one-of-a-kind cakes that have earned global attention.  Her extraordinary talent was discovered by a hotel executive chef who tried one of her famous cupcakes.  Read More:

"The" Place Get Married in London: The Roof Gardens


Sir Richard Branson's, "The Roof Gardens" brings together amazing food, spectacular views, and wedding bliss that brides and grooms will not soon forget.  Come take a trip with us to this beautiful London haven. Read More:

engagement cupcakes picture.PNG

Rainbow Theme Wedding Ideas


Are you planning on getting married?  We have great rainbow wedding ideas that will wow your guests.  Bright and colorful is the new sexy for your wedding party. Whether you are having a traditional wedding or a luau reception, brighten up your ceremony with a rainbow theme!  Read More:

Gourmet in Ten Minutes or Less


Put this delicious and healthy treat on your table in ten minutes or less!  Read More:


Pomegranate Lamb Kebabs with Raita and Smashed Potatoes

Watch, read, and learn as one of our food writers lead you step by step in re-creating this delicious dish in your kitchen.  Not only will you get a great recipe, but also a great offer from one of our advertising partners who will continue to help you cook great gourmet food at home.